APYC History - Volume 7

In 1989 Commodore Howard Haag and Lady Lori served our club. When he was elected in 1988, Howard Haag was 21, the youngest APYC commodore to be elected. The following are his recollections:

"At the end of 1988 there was a group of members that wanted to move the club in a new direction. P/C Mike Smith nominated me to run against Larry McCloskey for commodore. This was a 'heated' election with the use of proxy votes and I was elected the l989 commodore.

The club was now based out of Sawmill Creek. We used a banquet room, bar, and pavilion located on the property for events and an effort to gain membership into I-LYA.

Events that year included a corn roast party,strong representation at the I-LYA Powerboat Rendezvous (Even though APYC was not a member there was a lot of APYC burgees flying in the harbor), PIB Blue Gavel cocktail party, participation in the GCBA bowling tournament. Our year end meeting and 1990 change of watch was held at the Mid-American Boat Show with the dinner at the Airport Marriot.

I got married in 1990 and joined CLYC to be closer to home in 1993 and have been very active in the club. My father was friends with Les Cabot and we went on a few cruises together."

Howard Haag

Diane Stieber