APYC History - Volume 14

In 1997 Commodore Robert (Bob) Dotter and Lady Judy held their Commodore's Ball at Quaker Square in Akron. Everyone liked the new location and format. It was a very enjoyable weekend.

Commodore Bob and Lady Judy continued the club's traditional activities. They enjoyed traveling on their spacious 37 foot Silverton. The Dotters attended one of AYC's regattas at Cooley Canal with other club members to participate in AYC activities. Commodore Dotter resigned in August to remain in Columbus, where he still lives with Lady Judy, enjoying his grandchildren's activities.

Diane Stieber

Bob listed the following Memories on his form: "Christmas in July at Huron Yacht Club...the many dock parties, especially when Tom Madden and someone else made Long Island Ice Teas...haven't drank it since. Remembering many good times. God help me forget the bad times."

He wrote the following under accomplishments: "I hope I was helpful to the club in some way through the years."

Bob Dotter